For a BBL, I understand you have to keep pressure off your butt for recovery. Do you have to lay on your stomach or sides?

Do you have to lay on your stomach, or can you lay on your sides? If not, can you lay on your back during recovery if pressure is off your butt? I'm thinking a a patio/chair/chaise/lounger with the bottom taken out, if possible. Thank you.

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The best position to recover from the BBL, is laying on the tummy, to avoid pressure on the injected area, where the blood supply needs to be optimal, and putting pressure on the injected area will not allow a good blood supply to the fat graft in the buttocks. Laying on the sides is another option. If you want to lay on the back, you need to lay on a soft surface like a foam memory mattress to avoid too much pressure on one spot, and try to make sure you do not lay on the back for more than 10 minutes at the time and lay in another position for 20 minutes before laying on the back again. All these indications are very important in the first 2 weeks. Then after 2 weeks you can sit over a soft cushion (memory foam) for short periods of time (10 to 15 minutes), for the following 2 weeks.

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You want to avoid long periods of pressure on the buttocks for the first 2 weeks to avoid compromising the circulation to the newly grafted fat. Lying on your side or stomach is best. You can be on your back but only if your legs are well elevated on several pillows. If you must sit, lean forward so the weight is on the backs of your thighs rather than your  buttocks.

Sitting and BBL

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I recommend no prolonged sitting on your buttocks (beyond 5 minutes) for approximately 7-10 days after your BBL procedure.  Please talk to you PS about his/her specific recommendations.  Best wishes,

Dr. Basu
Houston, TX

Sitting After BBL

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Hello and thank you for your question. I recommend that my patients refrain from sitting on their buttocks for 6 weeks after surgery. I also do not like patients to sleep on their sides during this time period if I have injected fat into the hip area as well.

The best way to sleep is on your stomach. The best way to sit, when necessary, is on the back of your legs (hamstrIng area). My patients like to place a rolled up yoga mat or a breast feeding pillow (think neck pillow but larger) under the back of their thighs to alleviate direct pressure on the buttocks while sitting. Best of luck.

Positioning after BBL

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Positioning after BBL Is important to protect the fat grafts until they establish adequate blood circulation. Preferred positioning varies for each patient depending upon which areas are grafted. Side lying Is usually OK. The semi-recumbent position (leaning back) is the most damaging to fresh grafts.

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