Infini. Risk of melting fat? How to avoid it around eyes and cheekbones? What settings should be used?

I just had my first infini treatment . So i had it to tighten face, (midface and chin) Settings, 1 pass with 1mm and one 0,! Under eyes, eyelid and cheeks. For jaw she did, 3 passes of 1,5mm, 2mm and 3mm. Not sure about the energylevel. But I know she said it was not enough to melt the fat. My problem is. It seems fat is less under/ on my right eye and cheekbones.. I didn't have my left side eyes and cheekbones done, since the pain was to much, so compared I see a differences.

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Infini and Possible Fat Loss

I agree with seteven, fat loss is not possible with these devices and are very safe if used at the proper settings.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Infini is safe for tightening

I have had the device for just under 3 years and done about 1000 cases. Facial fat loss has not occurred. There is one patient on Realself who claims that but she had multiple other procedures and hasn't shown pictures. Settings are now automated to low, medium and high. Medium is the highest I go for most cases. Those depths on the face used on you are only into the dermis. The skin on the cheek is 2.5mm average. Pain can be controlled with proper topical numbing cream in over 95% of my cases. I have popularized a way to numb the skin with a "superficial skin block" in some cases where there is pain and this takes 2 minutes to do. 

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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Dont worry

Your technician may have said it was enough energy to melt fat, but the depths weren't sufficient to reach fat.  This procedure is very safe, and you dont have to worry about fat melting. Like Dr. Ibrahimi, I've never seen it happen. You're probably noticing an early tightening effect on the treated side. This effect will wear off and the true collagen tightening will occur over the next 3-6 months.  Ultimately, if you still have concerns I'd recommend seeing your provider so they can reassure you after actually looking at your skin.Best,cr

Christopher W. Robb, MD, PhD
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Infini skin treatments

I have been providing the Infini treatment in my office for over three years and have not seen it melt fat in any of my patients. The device in my experience has been safe to use on all parts of the face and is a wonderful device in my office. I do advise that you make sure you see an experience physician because that is also an important part of obtaining a successful result.

Omar Ibrahimi, MD, PhD
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