I Want Jaw and Cheekbone Reduction + Rhinoplasty to Get my Desired Face Will It Be Possible? (photo)

I don't like my face shape its to rough and not feminine enough and my nose tip is too round. I searched the net and found that maybe jaw and cheekbone reduction + rhinoplasty could help me get the look i want. Do I need other procedures to achieve the look like the after photo? And how much would the cost be?

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Facial Reshaping with Rhinoplasty, Genioplasty and Cheek Reduction

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What you are demonstrating is a refining rhinoplasty with substantial tip narrowing, a vertical lengthening genioplasty and cheekbone narrowing. The results you are desiring are reasonably achievable. The cheek and chin procedures would be done from inside your mouth and the rhinoplasty would be done through an open approach.


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Interesting observation, currently most women want fuller faces and would give anything for yours. Bone reduction procedures albeit possible are large operations with lots of downtime, I would suggest to start with a refining rhinoplasty, my guess is that you will be happy after that

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