Is It Normal to be Able to Stand Almost Straight 3 Days Post-Op Full TT?

Just wondering if I was the only one with this problem but i can stand near close to straight.. I hve a full tt and it has been 3 days since my surgery. I can't stand up perfectly straight but I have a bit of a hunch. I notice if if my pain med is wearing off, it hurts to stand straight, but I am able to physically do it somewhat. Is this normal? Why is is that so many women can't stand up straight at all or not even close and I am able to?

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Yes, it can be normal to be able to stand up straight

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Every tummy tuck is different and everyones body reacts differently to what is done during a tummy tuck.  I would say about 25% of my patients can stand up relatively straight within the first week after a tummy tuck.  This is particularly the case for patients who have a sizeable amount of skin and soft tissue laxity and/or a short torso.

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Dr Repta

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Standing up straight after a tummy tuck.

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It is not unusual to be standing up fairly straight within the first week after a tummy tuck. Different people having different elasticities and some are better able to stretch early on. Most likely you are on your way to a quick recovery. Congrats!

David Bogue, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Standing tall after TT

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Yes this is normal.Skin is very elastic and will usually accomodate your standing tall so I would not worry about it.

Straightening up after a tummy tuck

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I can tell you that everyone is different and it is not anything to worry about. In general, I instruct my patients to stay bend over and stay "crouched down" and carry their weight on their thighs so as not to strain their backs in that "angled" or crouched position when out of bed after a tummy tuck for the first week.  I think the body is very good at "telling you" that it is not ready to be straight in many cases because it hurts to do so. As plastic surgeons, we do not want "excessive tension" on the suture line so that the incision heals in the most optimal way.  Some people have more excess and lax tissues than others and it really depends "how tight" that particular surgeons "pulls" you, to make a simplistic analogy.  So in some cases some one may be able to standup straight very quickly as it is in your case and others it has taken as long as two full weeks.  But it is nothing to worry about. You will do great. I hope this helps! 


James F. Boynton, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Standing straight after a tummy tuck

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It takes most women about five to seven days before they are able to stand straight after an abdominoplasty.  But everyone is different.  There are some who need more time and others who are able to do so the next day after surgery.  Its important to follow your surgeons instructions and not to try to straighten to abruptly.  Listen to what you body tells you.  Don't force anything, if it hurts don't do it and if it feels okay, it probably is.

Standing straight soon after tummy tuck surgery

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Now don't feel guilty if you may be doing better than the average tummy tuck patient following surgery! A significant percentage of patients take several days or more before they are able to stand up straight. Just make sure that you are feeling comfortable and don't have significant pain by doing so. Over time, the skin will stretch out and it will be easier and even less uncomfortable to stand straight.

Sleeping at night in a somewhat flexed position will be helpful with regard to your scar - in addition, by keeping less tension on the incision.

It is normal to stand up straight after tummy tuck

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A little hunching we feel is the norm for several days after tummy tuck, though with good pain control it is fine to stand up straight after the procedure, and be out and about after the first week with care. These days not many can afford to stay put for a month unable to stand.

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Standing Straight after Tummy Tuck

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Good for you!  I have all my tummy tucks out of bed and walking hunched over for at least the first 4 days after the surgery.   The less tension across the abdominal suture line, the less prominent the visible scar, so it is advantageous to not create more stretching than is necessary.   That you can stand up after 3 days is wonderful.  Just check with your surgeon.  It appears you are on your way to a rapid and speedy recovery!

Bent over after abdominoplasty

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It would not be uncommon for you to be slightly bent days after surgery and this should improve over the next week. Don't try to stand up straight if it hurts and as the swelling lessens, you will be more comfortable. Keep following your plastic surgeon's instructions as to pain medication and how to reduce it. Speedy recovery!

It sounds like everything is okay

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It is not unusual to be able to stand up after three days. Many of my patients have the procedure done as an outpatient, so they go home the same day of surgery. I liposuction most, if not all, of my tummy tuck patients at the same time. I tell them to rent a walker from a surgical supply store for the first few days, just to make sure they are steady, and I encourage them to be up and walking around the day after surgery. Being able to stand up straight ,depends on your physician's instructions. If he feels he pulled you very tight, and is concerned about the wound opening up, he may confine you to bed rest for a few days. If he feels that he's got a secure closure and even flattened you out on the operating room table before you are transferred to the recovery room, he may encourage you to try standing up straight after one or two days.

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