Dark Spots After Smart Lipo

I had smartlipo of the abdomen 5 months ago although the scars look great there are small dark spots over the scars. My plastic surgeon has performed 3 laser treatments and I've been using Obagi clear over the areas but they still have not gone away. Is there anything else I can do for the spots to lighten? My plastic surgeon says that they will fade with time but I'm getting worried that they will never go away. Would it help if I combined the Obagi clear and the treiton? continue laser?

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Darkening insertion scars after liposuction

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is a side effect that does happen to some individuals after liposuction from the insertion site of the cannula.  Even if there is not much friction in that area, the incision itself can heal darker because of a reaction that your skin has to trauma.  often this pigmentation lessens itself but can be prolonged especially in the lower body.  Be careful not to irritate the skin with creams as this can increase darkening.

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Dark spots from Smart lipo

The dark spots you are describign are more than likely the port sites for the procedure.  You have to give them time to fade...at least a  year.

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Dark Spots After Smart Lipo

Either allow a year of healing or have them reexcised. Those are the best options. From MIAMI Dr. darryl j. Blinski

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