I Have a Dark Reddish Ring Around Where Mole Was Removed on my Nose. is This Permanent?

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Reddish ring after mole removal could be just healing

I would watch this for awhile. It depends on how long it has been there since the removal. If it has been there for less than 6 months, wait another 6 months.  Redness can be addressed through different means. Lasers are the primary option for treating the redness. We have other informative videos and information on our website and a link is included to help you find us.

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Dark Reddish Ring Around Nose Mole Removal

No, it should not be permanent. Depending on how long ago the removal was done, it is most likely still healing. I recommend patients apply sunscreen daily, as newer skin, like skin post removal, is incredibly susceptible to burning, but really, you should wear sunscreen every single day. If you don't like the look of the site after a few months of healing, return to the physician or consult with another physician about possibilities. Scar revision, filler, and even IPL, Photofacial flashes, or Cutera Laser Genesis are all possible procedures that can assist with any associated redness from a removal site.

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