Polishing teeth to make them shiny?

I have a front tooth where the front surface is scuffed up and as a result is dull (I was filing a sharp corner with sand paper and accidentally scratched the front surface? Is there a burr or aome sort of tooth that they can smoothen and polish the surface of the tooth with?

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Go to a dentist

Go to a dentist for help unless you want to risk ruining your teeth while attempting to perform procedures which could likely damage your teeth.

Scuffed Tooth

Yes, a dentist would definitely be able to smooth this for you. It is not a good idea to use sand paper to file your teeth and I would refrain from doing that ever again. Always visit a dental professional with concerns of your teeth.

Kathy Zahedi, DDS
Santa Monica Dentist

Tooth Polisher

Yes, we have various different polishers available to make your tooth smooth again. The dentist can also smooth the corner for you as well. 

Scratched tooth

I would suggest in the future not using sand paper on your teeth. It really takes very little for you to do irreversible damage. Your dentist may be able to polish your tooth to bring back the natural luster. It will depend on how deep the scratches are. 

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