Which filler is the least hydrophilic?

I would like to understand which brand of hyaluronic filler tends to attract the least water/fluid (after initial swelling has subsided)? I don't know if it matters but I am specifically talking about filler placed in and/or around the lips. Thank you!

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Which filler is the least hydrophilic?

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Hello, and thanks for your question. Restylane is one of the least hydrophilic fillers, which is why I often use it in tear troughs and lips. Hope this opinion is helpful to you. Best of luck, Dr. Frucht.  

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Fillers for lips and around the lips

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Thank you for the question. For least hydrophilic filler for the lips I would recommend the Restylane and around the lips Belotero or Restylane Silk.

Arman F. Karapetyan, MD
Glendale Physician

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