If I Cut off a Blowout Will I Be Able to Keep my Stretched Ears After the Procedure? (photo)

I have stretched ears (7/8") and I have an old blowout behind my right ear. I have been thinking about removing the blowout for quite some time now. I have literally tried every remedy in the book, including downsizing, jojoba oil massages, shea butter massages, but to no avail. So my question is, if I get the surgery done to remove the scar tissue will I be able to keep my stretched ears without having to downsize after the surgical procedure?

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Earlobe gauge repair

You should have the hole repaired, which is a pretty simple procedure done under local anesthesia.  You can always start the gauging procedure again from scratch once things have healed, but I would advise against it.

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Excising "Blowout" of Ear

Thank you for the question.

If I understand your situation correctly,  the only way to remove the scar tissue around the “blowout” will be to excise it. This will leave you with a linear scar in the area. You may have to restart the stretching process after the area has healed.

I hope this helps.

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