How to Cure Manly Hands for Girls?

i am a 20 year old girl. I have big hands visible veins,unttractive knuckle and the back side is full of wrinkles and I am extremely embarasd when people make fun .Feel very hurt. Please sugst a pocket friendly alternative

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Treatments for manly hands for a girl

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Hard to comment without a photo.  You are young for some of the issues that we see on the back of the hands in some patients.  We see prominent veins, solar damage, spots, wrinkles, etc.  The size may not be able to be helped, but some of the appearance issues may be amenable to treatments.  Our office will place fillers into the back of the hands to smooth out the look and deminish the appearance of wrinkles and veins.  We also have treatments for the contrast irregularities.  If it bothers you, seek help from your local board certified plastic surgeon.  Each individual is different and so together you will come up with a plan.

Hand rejuvenattion

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It is not likely that a 20 year would need product/filler placed in the hands unless you are very thin and your body fat content is so low that you can see the hollows in between the metacarpal bones in your hands .... the size of your hands ("manly hands") unfortunately cannot be altered.

Improving Hand Appearance

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If your hands are "veiny," we can use sclerotherapy to diminish the larger veins.  Fat, Sculptra or Juvaderm can be used to fill the hand hollows which are aging.  The AFT laser can be used to improve pigmentation problems (brown spots).  A combination of treatments are most often used in my office for natural results.

Marilyn Pelias, MD
New Orleans General Surgeon

Treatments for the hands

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We can not change the size or shape of your hands but there are a few treatments that can help with the appearance of the veins and wrinkles.  I would start first with adding some HA filler to the back of the hand.  This will accomplish two things.  First it will add softness, decreasing the wrinkling and also it will lift the skin off of the vessels so that they are not so prominent.  In the mean time purchase a pair of inexpensive clothe gloves.  When you go to bed at night liberally apply a thick lotion or Vaseline and then wear the gloves.  You will find that the skin over the knuckles will soften up and appear smoother.  The last thing I recommend is to always wear sunscreen on your hands and never use a tanning bed.  UV exposure ages the hands at an alarming rate. 

Hope these suggestions help you out. 

Kenneth Janoff, MD
Portland General Surgeon

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