Crossdresser Breast Implants? (photo)

I'm a crossdresser with small breasts. I would like them larger to get a more feminine look. I've tought about it for many years and now is the time to get them. Is this possible?

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Definitely Possible for You to Undergo Breast Augmentation

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Thank you for your question. It is definitely possible for you to undergo breast augmentation. Sometimes for males, tissue expanders are required, and you should not expect to achieve a result that fully looks like a woman's natural breast.

Good luck, and for more information about other choices to be made before undergoing breast augmentation, take a look at the Guide to Breast Augmentation on my website from the web reference below. I discuss common patient questions I receive, silicone versus saline implants, round versus anatomically shaped implants, smooth versus texturized implants, implant manufacturer, implant insertion incision location, implant location inside the breast, and more. 

Transgender & Breast Augmentation

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It’s not unusual for transgender patients to request breast augmentation surgery. When this situation arises the operation can be performed successfully with high levels of patient satisfaction. Many similarities exist between transgender and female breast augmentation patients, but important differences exist as well.

These differences are related to the type of preoperative evaluation that’s necessary and important anatomic differences that exist between the two groups.

The preoperative evaluation of transgender patients involves several important considerations. It’s important that transgender patients be in a supervised transgender program that follows an organized algorithm. This type of program provides important psychological support and hormonal therapy in the preoperative period. When this program’s specified criteria are met it’s reasonable to proceed with breast augmentation.

Several important anatomic issues must be considered in transgender patients. Transgender patients often have broader chest walls than female patients and for this reason often require larger implants. In some cases the pectoralis muscles may be large and bulky and for this reason subglanduler implant placement may be necessary as well.

If you’re considering breast augmentation consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is appropriate. This surgeon should be able to formulate an appropriate treatment plan.  

Breast Enhancement Surgery

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Yes its very common for M to F to have bilateral breast augmentation, it is a safe and reliable procedure with high patient satisfaction

Crossdresser Breast Implants

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The short answer to your question is “yes”.  However, there are many factors which I must consider when performing augmentation mammoplasty on a male to female patient i.e., has there been psychological counseling, hormone therapy and for how long etc. etc.  I hope this helps with your question. 

Jonathan Ross Berman, M.D. , F.A.C.S.

Jonathan Berman, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Trans Gender Surgery

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Trans gender surgery (male to female or female to male) is not uncommon.  There are a few board certified plastic surgeons who specialize in gender reassignment (genital surgery) and should be sought after for this type of delicate surgery.

However, breast implant surgery for a male or female is very similar and fairly straight forward.  Because men typically have a broader chest circumference and much smaller breasts, a large implant with a wide base diameter should be chosen.  The nipple/areola complex is also smaller than a female and the incision to place the implant is too long to be placed in this location, so an incision under the breast is necessary to place the implant.  The implants should be placed under the pectoralis muscle and either saline or silicone can be utilized.

I have done several implant procedures on these type of patients, and in a emotionally stable patient, the results are quite good and the patients are pleased with the results.  In fact, these individuals are usually highly motivated and typically do quite well post operatively.


Good Luck!

David Finkle, MD
Omaha Plastic Surgeon
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More feminine look for crossdresser.

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From an anatomical standpoint, the male chest develops differently than a female chest, even with smaller breasted woman.  The position of the nipple is often lower in men, and to position the implant correctly behind the nipple requires lowering the inframmary fold.  As most men are larger in the chest than women, this often requires a much larger implant.  This coupled with lowering of the inframammary fold can lead to bottoming out of the larger implants.  I would contact a board-certified plastic surgeon who has had experience with these type of patients to achieve the results you desire.

Breast Augmentation for "Crossdresser"

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Thank you for the question.
I have had the opportunity to work with several men interested in breast implants ( to feminize the chest wall).  This is a different situation from trans gender patients in transition and from men who are looking to augment their chest walls ( pectoralis implants).
Nevertheless, this subset of patients is somewhat uncommon;  it is very important to  understand patient motivation clearly and to educate  these patients about the long-term effects (as well as potential risks and complications associated  with) having breast implants.
Best wishes.

Breast implants for cross dresser

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This is certainly possible for you. There are some hoops to jump through in terms of psychological assessment and hormone therapy. If you've been thinking about it for a long time, visit a plastic surgeon who specializes in gender reassignment to get the process started. Good luck.

Grant Stevens, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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