Areola Cut Too Small During Mastoplexy?

I had breast implants with crescent lift along with areola reduction of one. Explanted two weeks later due to size variation in breast. Just wasn't happy with outcome. Steri strips came off and top have of areola is too small (3 to 4 centimeters on top and 1 inch on bottom) nipple is not in middle and bottom half of areola is puffy. Nipples are now pointing in different directions. What can be done about this and can this be fixed in office if more needs to be taken off bottom half?

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Areolas can usually be fixed

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There are a variety of ways to fix areolar size, shape and position. If you post photos, I would be able to give you a more specific way to approach problem.




Dr. Michael in Miami

Asymmetric Areola

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This problem may be related to asymmetric healing so I would advise waiting until the scars mature and soften and the inflammation subsides. This may take up to several months. With a periareolar mastopexy, the scars around the areola commonly stretch (sometimes too much). If this needs to be corrected, it probably can be fixed in the office. Don't abandon ship yet, as your plastic surgeon needs to know your concerns so that they can be addressed. Good luck

Irregularly shaped areolae after implant removal bilaterally.

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Variations in the size of areolae can be fixed in the office setting, but don't be too hasty in rushing to do this until several months have elapsed.  I am always amazed at how different early results in healing may look compared to those seen at a later time.  Scars take several months to soften and stretch, and you may need to wait this long to finally judge what needs to be done. 


Let your feelings be known by your Plastic Surgeon and follow up often to properly see when the time may be right to perform revisional surgery if needed.


Good luck to you.


Frank Rieger M.D.

Areola size issue

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At two weeks post surgery, the areola may be more swollen on the area that was incised.  It is best to give it a few months to heal.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Areola too small after mastopexy

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We were all set to suggest that the areola will expand, and commonly so after around the nipple mastopexy and implants, however as you now had the implants removed the dynamics have changed, and it may be necessary to revise the areola as well. Let your surgeon have a look as to if, when, and how.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Asymmetric areola

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Due to the crescentic lift, the superior (top) aspect of the areola is flatter than the inferior (bottom) aspect of the areola.  This can be addressed by removing a small portion of the inferior areola.  This procedure can be done in office and will give you the scar all around the areola and will make the entire areola flatter.  With any surgery, you should communicate with your plastic surgeon your expectation, goals and concerns.  He/she will be able to address your concerns.  Good luck to you.

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