Gap between crown and gumline?

I have a new dental implant and crown on tooth 13. Feels like a large gap behind the tooth where the top of the crown is supposed to meet my gum. Dentist says this is for hygiene purposes, but too much food gets trapped which is extremely annoying. Water pik helps but I wasn't planning on spending rest of my life tied to a water pik. Further, I've read the food that gets trapped can decay and, over time, cause gum and bone loss thereby causing the implant to fail. I appreciate any insight.

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Dental Implant and Crown Space

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Thank you for your question regarding a gap in between the crown and gumline. Crowns for an implant should be precisely fitted and normally do not have gaps. The gap should be resolved so that you have as little food impaction as possible. Possibly, the crown needs to be remade and you should discuss this option to eliminate the gap with your dentist. Good luck!

Gap between #implant crown and gumline, what now? #DrSarahThompson

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Hello there,
Sorry to hear that you're having this issue.  It is not ideal to have a large gap here, but it is very, very common.  Unfortunately, using a waterpik is something that you should continue to do, indefinitely.  This is will highly prevent food from sitting there long-term and contributing to decay and ultimately implant failure. Good luck and I hope this info helps you. Follow me if you have more questions.
Sarah Thompson, DMD
St. Louis, MO


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It is not uncommon for more food to collect around the gum line of an implant crown as compared to a natural tooth especially in the molar region, because the implant is narrower right at the gum line than an actual tooth.  It is best to have a good fit to the gum with the the crown restoration so that this can alleviate some of those issues, although it will still be a bit of an issue.  On a positive note, decay does not occur around an implant so you have alleviated one source of failure and water piking has advantages for the health of your entire mouth.

Laura L. Justice, DMD
Lexington Dentist

Gap around crown

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Without a photo or radiograph it is hard to comment.  Implants tend to catch a little more food around them verses a natural tooth since they are narrower than a natural tooth.  If there is a gap that can be closed then I would prefer closing it to avoid catching too much food around the teeth.

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