Creasing After Compression Garment After Lipo. What Causes These?

I had abdomen, waste and hip liposuction almost 2 weeks ago and I notice that there are indentations around stomach from waistbands. While they eventually disappear, I'm wondering what this is caused from and do I have to worry that clothing could potentially cause unwanted creasing in my skin? I'm following post surgery instructions and wearing the compression garment for most of the day, but when I took it off today for a few hours I had very ugly creasing from sitting. Thank you!

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Creasing from comprssion garments is not permanent.

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After any surgery there is swelling of the tissues.  This swelling is extra fluid in the tissues which is part of the repair process and is normal.  When compression garments have a fold in them or a wrinkle in them this leaves an indent in the tissues where the fluid has been squeezed out.  As your healing progresses, the swelling will disappear and so will the creases you see in your skin.

Post Liposuction Skin Crease From Compression Garment and Clothing

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Thank you for your question. Skin creases from compression garment and clothing are quite common after Liposuction surgery.

They are not permanent and will resolve.

They are caused by the swelling and excess fluid in the tissues which is so easily compressed by the garment.

Try adjusting the location of the waist band to a higher area near the rib cage. Also tuck soft material or surgical pads under the waist band.


Liposuction and creasing and garment

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During the early post-op period, you will have differential swelling and when you bend or sit it may leave depressions, It usually is not permanent.

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