How can I ensure good blood flow to my breast tissue?

I will not have to have tissue exspanders if there is good blood flow to the breast tissue, is there anything I can do, or eat that can help with good blood circulation?

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Implant versus tissue expander immediately after mastectomy

Blood flow is dependent on a few things but mainly it is the tension of a tissue expander under the overlying skin. Inflating a tissue expander after mastectomy can be done as slowly or quickly depending on your skin. To be safe and ensure a robust blood supple, the tissue expander can be expanded slowly over a few weeks. If your mastectomy is a certain size and the breast envelope is reasonable, a permanent implant can be placed immediately at the time of mastectomy without stressing the overlying skin. Your plastic surgeon is the best one to guide you on your particular situation. Good Luck!

Breast surgery

I would recommend just trying to lead a healthy lifestyle by getting rest, staying hydrated, and not smoking.. your doctor can tell you other tips in accordance with your medical history...

Good circulation

That's a great question. Here are some tips to get better circulation to your tissues: don't smoke, eat a healthy diet filled with colorful fruits and vegetables and low in trans fats and processed foods, exercise regularly as your health allows, avoid second hand smoke, consider niacin supplements as directed by your doctor. Hope this helps!

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