What Does a Cheek Lift Cost?

Is a cheek lift, or mid-face lift less expensive than a full face lift? What is the average price of a cheek lift?

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Cheeklift costs

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There are many types of cheeklift, varying in cost from about 6000 up to 12000 including OR and anesthesia,, depending on the complexity of the surgery, whether it is to revise lower eyelid results at the same time. Revisional surgery is always more complex and requires a much higher skill and experience level.

Briefly, the types of cheeklift commonly performed are:

1. Underneath the eyelid (suborbicularis or subperiosteal)

2. Underneath the eyelid, minimal incision (i.e. USIC) (suborbicularis

3. Underneath the eyelid, minimal incision with grafts to reduce hollowness (i.e. LUSIC) (suborbicularis

4. Inside mouth and in temple (subperiosteal)

5. Inside mouth and in temple with fixation, screws, or Endotine (subperiosteal)

6. During a facelift (subcutaneous vs. sub malar fat pad)

All accomplish different things. Our book chapter and several articles referenced below talk about these methods and some of their pluses and minuses. Cheeklifts do NOT do the same thing as facelifts, which tighten skin in the face and neck, but are weak in the midface area. They address the lower eyelid area (Techniques 1,2,3) and/or the cheek area (all above techniques).

Cheeklifts originating in the temple often give an upward and lateral lift to the cheeks, something that should be artistically anticipated and reviewed with the patient prior to the procedure.

Extensive under the eye cheeklifts have a significant risk of pulling down of the eyelid, and should, in my opinion, to be avoided.

Cheeklifts are among the most difficult of all procedures on the face. Experience and a conservative approach, along with superior artistry are a MUST, especially if the surgery is revisional in nature.

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Non surgical cheek lift with Ultherapy in Los Angeles

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A non surgical modality for cheek and face lifting without surgery is the Ultherapy treatment. Our office specializes in Ultherapy for cheek and mid face lifting.  This is an excellent first step that does not require downtime. 

Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS
Los Angeles

Cost depends on the techniques used and geographic area of the surgeon

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The cheek lift is such a variable technique that the costs are greatly different.

A liquid cheek lift done with injectables or a string lift is relatively inexpensive.

However a cheek lift that may require that additional surgery be done such as lower lids or face lift can be very expensive.

The best idea is to seek consultation with a surgeon who can offer you various options.

Dr. Mayl

Fort Lauderdale

Nathan Mayl, MD (retired)
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Cost of a cheek lift

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 Depending on the region and the surgeon, the costs would likely range from $5000 to $12000 including facility and anesthesia.   Make sure to go to the best surgeon leaving price as a secondary consideration since you've only got one face and poor surgery can't ever really be fixed.

Cost of Cheek or Midface Lift

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The cost of a midface lift  is $6000-9000, depending on exactly what is done, and whether lower eyelid surgery is also necessary. Costs will also vary depending on the surgeon and where the surgery is done.  A facelift will cost 2-3 times as much.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Cost of a midface lift or cheek lift

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A cheek lift or mid-face lift is one of the most diffficult procedures to accomplish. For this reason there are more options here than nearly anywhere else in the face.

An office visit/consultation (complimentary) is mandatory prior to scheduling the procedure. There is now way to give you an accurate quote via EMail. A mid-face lift is rarely performed by itself and therefore the accompanying procedure(s) may influence the approach. For example:

  1. If a face lift is being performed the mid-face lift may be achieved throught the facelift incisions,
  2. If a forehead lift is desired then the mid-face lift is typically completed through the scalp incisions.
  3. If the lower eyelids are being treated, the midface lift can be accomplished through the lower eyelid.
  4. If no other external incisions are being employed and/or a cheek implant is being placed, then the mid-face lift may be carried out using the intra-oral approach.
  5. Percutaneous techniques employing suture suspension (thread lift) with stitches through small incisions have been utilized.

During the consultation we may determine that other procedures are better suited for your optimal outcome. A variety of techniques are utilized to hold the elevated tissues in place and will generate additional fees for their use such as the endotine mid-face device.

Surgery averages about 2-3 hours but may take shorter or longer; the entire process takes about 5-6 hours and is performed on an outpatient basis.

We generally recommend that you take a week off work and avoid strenuous physical activity for three weeks. Intra oral incisions require limitations on your diet and dental hygiene for about 10 days afterwards. Compression garments are generally required during this time.

The surgery can be accomplished in several locations (hospital, office surgical suite, or surgicenter); fees vary accordingly with the last being the most cost effective.

Taking all this into consideration, a mid-face lift can range anywhere from $4500 up to $16,000. For your information our typical cost currently averages about $6000 which includes surgeon's fees (certified anesthesiologist, accredited outpatient surgicenter, and initial garments and dressings).

I hope this helps!

Cheek lift (mid facelift) costs

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Costs in any cosmetic surgery depend on what is included.  Just throwing out a random number does not mean much.  You can see in almost any of these posts the "cost" varies widely.  This is mostly due to wether the cost is just the surgeons fee or if it is all inclusive.  I always quote in all inclusive prices.  Typically a mid face lift is about 6-12k and depends on how much lower eyelid work is done.

Cheek Lift Cost

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While surgical fees vary considerably across the country, cheek lift does tend to be less than a full facelift due to less anesthesia and facility time needed. Typically, there will be a $2,000 - $5,000 difference.

Midface lifts around half the price of facelifts

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Midface lifts are around half the price of facelifts, but the pricing varies by surgeon and region. The average for a midface lift around the country is around $3-5k or more and the face lift averages around S5-10k.

Midface lifts pull up the cheek tissue and are supposed to help the nasolabial folds. Face lifts are supposed to pull up the lower part of the face and can include the nasolabial folds if done more aggressively. They also improve the neck and the area under the chin. You definitely want to go to someone with an aesthetic eye and with lots of experience with these type of lifts.

You also want to go to a surgeon that will do the right procedure for you. Midface lifts are not one of my preferred procedures. They don't address a central problem of the midface area and that is the loss of volume. They just shift some volume up higher and have minimal results in my opinion. Volumizing with fat is the best way to do this or some type of filling material. Facelifts definitely can be used to improve the lower face that filling or volumizing has some problems improving.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Cost of a cheek lift

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The cost of a cheek left is less than the cost of a mini lift or a facelift. In our practice the cheek lift is a component of the face lifting procedure. When patients have flat cheeks, we place a Silastic cheek implant in to lift the cheek and volumetrically augment the cheek area. For many examples, please see the link  below for our price list and cheek implant photo gallery

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