How Much Does It Cost to Fix Dog Ears After Tummy Tuck?

I had a tummy tuck 4yrs ago, I have a small dog ear on my left side of my hip.. My question is how much does it cost to fix it? and since its been so long and I havent complained to my Surgon am I liable to pay to fix it? Please help, I really dont know why I waited so long but I love my tummy tuck its just that extra skin I cant stand anymore!

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Cost of fixing 4 year old dog ears from tummy tuck

This happens on occasion with abdominoplasty. There are options. A completely non invasive option would be CoolSculpting. This can freeze the fat and deliver an improved contour. More traditional options are some liposuction, or resection of skin/soft tissue. This is a much smaller procedure than the original surgery and is usually well tolerated. The cost will depend on the extent of the surgery, the method used, the cost of the surgery center, and if the original surgeon is doing it. Please speak with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Together, you will figure out a plan.

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How Much Does It Cost to Fix Dog Ears After Tummy Tuck?

With very careful planning and execution, “dog ear" occurrence can be minimized. Occasionally (despite best efforts), after tummy tuck surgery surgery, patients will have excess skin or adipose tissue at the very end of their incision lines. These may be referred to as “dog ears”. "Dog ears"  refer to a bunching up of tissue at the end of a incision line/scar. Generally they occur  because a surgeon,  in his/her attempt to keep the scar as short as possible,  has a discrepancy between the lengths  of the upper and lower tummy tuck incision lines. They can be avoided by extending the incisions and removing additional skin and subcutaneous tissue. Most patients will much prefer a longer incision line than  the bunching up of tissue and contour elevation, which is visible and palpable with and without clothing.  Often, excision of the dog ear, if it's still a concern roughly one year postoperatively can be corrected easily under local anesthesia. Cost will vary depending on the specific practice policy, the location where the procedure is performed, the type of anesthesia utilized, and the specific patients  situation. I hope this helps.

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Fixing dog ears after tummy tuck

I revise these issues for free the first year.  You should see your surgeon and see if something can be worked out.  Typically it can be handled relatively easily in the office.

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