Worried about chest x ray and crack cocaine use

I smoke crack cocaine and got a chest X-ray today pre op 10 days priori to surgery. Pulmonary Internist said lungs were clear. BP perfect. Heart Rate perfect. I am worried and stopped 10 days prior. Will this show up on the film?

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Drug use dramatically increases your risk for complications.

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Whether or not your X-ray came out clear, you need to be completely open and honest with your plastic surgeon about your drug use before you have surgery. Even if you’ve stopped for 10 days or longer, ANY drug use is something your surgeon needs to be aware of. The list of potential complications your drug use could lead to is long, including issues with anesthesia and problems healing. Beyond the success and safety or your surgery, crack cocaine is incredibly dangerous, and I highly encourage you to seek professional help. Be safe and take care of yourself.

Nashville Plastic Surgeon

Drug Use Pre Op

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Thank you for your question. I recommend that you discuss drug use with your Plastic Surgeon. They will certainly want to have your whole health picture and to discuss risks and considerations for your surgery given this information. It is best to be completely honest.

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Do not have any surgery or general anesthesia until you clean up and stop using this dangerous drug!!!! You will most likely use while you recover and do something you should not do and suffer some sort of complication. Go get help about your drug use. Does your surgeon know about this?

Michael S. Beckenstein, MD
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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