Coolsculpting - Was It Done Correctly for the Love Handles?

Hi, I just had a Coolsculpting session for my lower abdomen and love handles. While the lower abdomen was fine, it is the love handles I am concerned about. The therapist performing the procedure advised me to lie on my stomach and placed the device right on the top part of my buttocks instead of the area above or directly on the sides. I asked her twice if the deivce is placed correctly but she said it was OK and that the effects of the freezing woud also affect the surrounding areas.

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CoolSculpting and Love Handles

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Treating the love handles and abdomen are the most common areas being treated.  You should have great results from the procedure.  The love handles need to be marked before the applicator is placed to identify the correct position for treatment.  I recommend you return to your treating physician to determine the best course of treatment.

CoolSculpting On Love Handles

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"Love handles" can sometimes be a hard area to define when looking for an exact placement of the applicator.  There are fat pockets around the waist that sit differently on people.  It is important to talk with your provider during your consultation about what areas are your concern.  CoolSculpting is meant to be placed on the peak of a fat bulge and your provider may have seen this on your body in a different area than you had expected.  Before treatment your provider may have marked the area that she intended to treat and this would be a good time to discuss your concerns.  Many patients will need multiple treatments in the area of the hips and waist.  Often the fat that gives that "muffin top" starts below the pant line at the hips and can stretch up to the ribs, towards the back and around the sides to the edge of the abdomen.  It would take multiple applications to treat all of this area so the provider will usually start with the area with the largest fat pocket.  It will take at least three months to see the final outcome of your treatment.  What you can do after treatment to encourage results is increase lymphatic drainage. 

My practice in Raleigh NC offers CoolSculpting Complete which includes dual machines, compression garments for comfort and swelling, and vibrational therapy for lymphatic drainage.  As a top provider of CoolSculpting we are able to give patients free CoolSculpting through Instant Rebates.  Patients receive one free CoolSculpting treatment with each CoolSculpting treatment purchased.

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CoolSculpting on love handles

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Normally, the applicator for CoolSculpting would be placed on the area with the most amount of fat or bulge to get the best results. Everyone is different, so sometimes the area of the most fat may be in a slightly different area than someone else. It's difficult to know where the area of bulging of your love handles was for you without seeing more pictures or seeing you before the treatment was done. I would say that for most people, when love handles are treated that the applicator is placed on the sides just above the waist. It does appear that the area of suction of your treatment was just below the waist. I would contact your treating physician to discuss your concerns and see if the area was treated correctly.

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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