Can coolsculpting cause fat to be redistributed?

I received coolsculpting on the middle of my lower abdomen and have since developed a tire like band of fat on either side that I never had before. Its almost like the fat redistributed itself from the treated area to either side of it. I work out 6 days a week and have not gained any weight. I don't know what to do, my husband says that I should go back and see if they can fix this as my body shape has definitely changed. Any advice is appreciated.

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Coolsculplting and Fat Redistribution

Coolsculpting by Zeltiq is a fabulous procedure for reducing fat in a given area.  Each area treated will be reduced by approximately 20 percent.  The fat is permanently reduced but not redistributed.  What you may be describing is a bulge that is now more prominent in the area that was not treated.  I would advise you to return to your treating physician for consultation. 

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It Seems Possible

I’d say redistribution of fat is highly unlikely, but not impossible. Fat redistribution used to be seen far more commonly in cases of high-volume liposuction. Coolsculpt is a different approach that freezes fat cells in an attempt to make them break open and spill their contents. Although I’ve never heard fat redistribution described post-procedure in any of my patients, it does seem possible. I agree with other posters that an additional session or two would likely make all the difference.

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CoolSculpting Facts and Misconceptions

CoolSculpting is a noninvasive way to reduce unwanted fat collections underneath the skin.  This procedure reliably reduces fat layer thickness by approximately 20% in the treated areas.  Fat which is affected by the treatments is broken down and excreted from our bodies.  It does not redistribute other areas nor does it return.  If you gain weight, the remaining fat in the area can increase in size.  CoolSculpting does not cause permanent injury to important structures and thus is very safe.  Additional CoolSculpting treatments will result in added reduction in fat layer thickness.  More than 1 treatment may be required to obtain best outcomes.  Maximum benefit following treatment is usually seen at approximately 3 months.  In the situation you describe, it does sound as if additional treatment would help you achieve improved outcome.  As with any medical procedure, experience and technique are important to help obtain best results. 

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Treatment to Transformation

I agree with the other answers in this thread. It sounds like your treated area actually got good results, but now you are left with the surrounding areas that need to be treated to achieve the desired results. Coolsculpting has a new protocol called, Treatment to Transformation that will allow your provider to do a full body assessment to determine how many treatments you may need.

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CoolSculpting Causing Abdominal Fat Reduction

It sounds like your have had reduction of fat in the area that was treated and now the fat in the surrounding areas are more noticeable.  There is a CoolSculpting method called Treatment To Transformation in which your provider will do a full assessment of your body and determine how many areas and treatments may be needed to achieve your desired results.  Some patients may only need one application of one applicator and be finished.  Other patients may need multiple applicators in various locations on the body and require multiple treatments of the same area to reach their goal.  Every body is different and your provider can reassess you to determine what treatments you may need at this point.

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Can CoolSculpting cause fat to be redistributed?

CoolSculpting should not lead to redistribution of fat.  It is more likely that since the area in the middle of your abdomen was treated and improved, the area on either side appears fatter now.  I would definitely recommend returning to the physician who treated you, as it is possible to do further treatments on the sides to correct this issue.  

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