Bloated stomach after cool sculpting, is this normal?

i had cool sculpting a week ago and the numbness is going away, however my stomach is huge. For reference i am 44 and in fantastic shape, and a gym rat at 5'8' 165. i was hoping coolsculpting was the answer for really stubborn/small genetic fat in front. a week later i look like a pregnant man with a huge belly hanging over my belt. Is this normal? i'm really anxious. the drs office said swelling is normal...but this looks like a lot more than swelling.

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Swelling after CoolSculpting

Swelling after treatment is normal. Everyone is different and will have a different response with severity and duration of the swelling. If the swelling doesn’t subside within a few weeks, you should consult the treating physician.

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Bloated stomach after coolsculpting.

Your doctor is right, swelling after coolsculpting is normal. It does not happened to everyone but to a good percentage of patients. The good thing is that it goes away but you can't predict how long it will take, it can be a few days to 2 or 3 weeks.

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Swelling after CoolSculpting

Swelling after treatment almost always happens to a smaller or larger extent with everyone.  The duration and severity of swelling depends on the size of the applicator used, and each person can have a different response.  In most cases, two to three weeks would be needed to see some or most of the swelling start to subside, so I would just hang in there.  In addition, avoiding high salt foods that cause fluid retention would be helpful.  If all of these things do not seem to answer your question, or you are still concerned, you should see your physician for an evaluation.  Good luck!

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Bloated stomach after cool sculpting, is this normal?

This most likely sounds like swelling, which is very normal for patients to experience. This should subside within a few weeks but if you are concerned, consider seeing your treating doctor. 

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Swelling is normal

It sounds as though you are experiencing some post procedure swelling. Typically swelling is minor and short lived however some patients may experience swelling for up to 2 weeks. In my practice we provide patients with garments for post procedure comfort. We also provide a vibrational plate therapy as part of our CoolSculpting Complete system. The vibrational plate assists in the lymphatic process. Although post procedural swelling can occur, I would suggest you to see your provider for an assessment.  

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Swelling or bloating after cool sculpting

It is normal to have some swelling immediately after a cool sculpting procedure. The suction during the treatment can also cause bruising in some patients. If a patient is prone to easy bruising and swelling, she will have more swelling following cool sculpting and it may last longer. If this persists, I would follow up with the physician who performed the procedure to rule out anything more serious, but at one week after the procedure this can be a normal finding.

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Bloated stomach after CoolSculpting?

It would be very helpful in answering your question to see pictures of your stomach (abdomen) before the CoolSculpting treatment and how it looks now.  It definitely is possible to get some swelling after the procedure and the amount can vary.  My best advice would be to have the physician who treated you take a look to determine if the amount of swelling you have is within normal or not.  

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Bloated Stomach after CoolSculpting

The swelling is definitely normal and so is the numbness. The swelling can persist 3-4 weeks. The worst part of the numbness lasts 2 1/2 weeks.

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