Can I use constant pressure to mold my nose cartilage? (photo)

I was wondering if light pressure that is applied for hours at a time would slim my nose. I tied a rubber band in a circle and slipped this over the bulbous part of my nose, and it's not painful or uncomfortable. If I keep this on and use it everyday or every other day for months or maybe years, do you think I will see an improvement? Ill post pictures of my nose with the rubber band and without.

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Options for nonsurgical nose reshaping

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Unfortunately putting pressure on your cartilage will not reshape it.  The only way to effectively reshape it nonsurgically is with a filler such as Restylane.  

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Constant pressure with rubber bands on your nose is not a substitute for Rhinoplasty Surgery.

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We are not aware of pressure devices of any sort being helpful for changing the shape of your nose permanently.

Hope this helps you.

Dr. Joseph

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Tip rhinoplasty for a bulbous tip superior to non surgical nose job in this instance.

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Thank you for your question and the photos.

If only it were that easy.  This pressure therapy is not likely to work.  

The best correction of a bulbous tip is a tip rhinoplasty to reduce the size of the lower lateral cartilages and place tip defining sutures.

The injection of fillers will make your nose larger.

See two or more board certified plastic surgeons for full consultation.

I hope this helps.

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