Why Do I Have Consistant Migration of Lip Filler, in the Same Spot Above my Vermillion Line? (photo)

I have had conservative lip injections of Restylane 3 times over the last 3 years. I have the same issue with no matter whom does the injection. There appears there must be an "empty" spot in my anatomy underneath the skins surface, in the area above my vermillion border/upper lip Every time it's injected into my vermillion, it "squirts" upward into the area above my Rt. vermillion,in the exact spot, every time no matter the injector. It is as if there is a "canal" there that gets filled up.Why?

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Filler Ending Up in Pocket Above Lip

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   This can happen when injecting anything.  If you know it happens, tell the injector to place pressure above that portion of the lip and do not inject directly into that area.

Restylane and migration

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Dependent upon injection technique, filler can migrate and find the path of least resistance. Knowing this going in prior to treatment next time, be sure and have a thorough assessment with your provider, and consider not injecting in the exact same place. Ask your injector to find other techniques to improve the area.

Restylane "tracking" up lip

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The movement along an area is certainly possible and in areas where this happens regularly, such as across the white roll, we often take advantage of it. I would alert your doctor and there are techniques that they can use to try to prevent this from happening. 

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Tracking along point of least resistence

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The material is likely following a blood vessel and tracking superiorly .  If this happens on m ore than one occasion,  begin the injection just medial to the vessel.  That should resolve this problem.

Migration of filler in lip

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Some people do have small pockets (or canals, as you call them), around their lips.  The result, as in your case, is that the filler injected will choose the path of least resistance and go into and fill the pocket.  There are a couple of methods that could be tried to avoid that issue in the future.  One method would be to try and not inject any Restylane in the part of the lip.  The other method that could be tried would be to hold pressure on top of the pocket when the Restylane is being injected to try and keep it from going in there.  I hope that is helpful.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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