Do Composite Fillings Need to Be Removed for Gum Graft?

My periodontist said that gingiva doesn't attach to composite filling on teeth. It only attached to cementum. So he has to remove my composite filling to correct my receding gum. I can't find out if this is accurate that dental gingiva doesn't attach to composite filling. I'm concerned that once the gum graft is performed the gums being pulled lower to fix the recession and tooth sensitivity will make it difficult to have the composite filling restored.

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Gum graft over composite fillings

your periodontist is right. Gum grafts do not attach to whilte fillings. So it will need to be removed from the portion of the tooth that graft is going to cover. Otherwise, the gap between the gum graft and the filling will become a pocket. 

Composite filling could be extended or replaced after gum grafting if needed. 

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