What Are the 3 Most Serious Complications from Chin Liposuction?

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Complications with chin liposuction

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There are always complications possible with surgery however the probability in any complications from liposuction of the chin, done in a accredited facility with a qualified surgeon are extremely low. I have been doing liposuction of the chin since the invent of liposuction and have never had a complication. Skin laxity is a concern during liposuction and a qualified surgeon would not do chin liposuction if you really needed a neck lift or something else done where you would be left with loose skin. Many patients come in asking for liposuction of the chin and they do not have any fat in the area just loose skin, these patients are not a candidate unless doing in conjunction with a facelift or other procedures. Best regards!

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Anesthesia complication resulting in death or a persistent vegetative state.

Serious infection following surgery.

Injury to the marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve.

 How likely are these complications?  A surgeon could work many lifetimes and never see these complications.

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Chin liposuction complications

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Since you asked for the "most serious" complications of chin liposuction, although I have never heard of it, the top of the list would be dying. Liposuction is real surgery and should not be undertaken in an unhealthy patient or be done by an unqualified physician in an unaccreditied facility.  The second would be an infection or hematoma.  The final would be having contour problems or poor skin shrinkage which is more common when the patient was not a great cnadidate in the first place.  I am very strict about who is a good candidate for chin liposuction because they must have great skin for a great result.  If the skin is loose, then you need a necklift or a facelift.

What Are the 3 Most Serious Complications from Chin Liposuction?

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1. Not achieving desired results

2. Hematoma

3. Infection

are the most serious complications following chin liposuction. 

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