Is It Common to Have Permanent Nerve Damage at Hip and Thigh from Abdominoplasty?

I am 1 1/2 yrs out from abdominoplasty to repair upper hernia post pregnancy and was to have minor lipo to flanks only. However had poor outcome and was just confirmed by neurologist to have damage to brachial nerve. Not sure if damage is from overdone lipo at hip or abdominoplasty. How might this affect need for extensive repairs??

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Is It Common to Have Permanent Nerve Damage at Hip and Thigh from Abdominoplasty?

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Either you named the wrong nerve, brachial, is upper extremity nerve or if it is in your arm than very unlikely a relationship between the operation and this nerve can be found. In most cases the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve is injured in yoyr operation. Seek corrected info or inform us if you were correct. Regards. 

Some nerves are cut by definition with a tummy tuck, others are not

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A tummy tuck will cut some sensory nerves.  This has to occur when the tissue is separated from the abdominal wall and elevated all the way up to the costal margin.  These grow back eventually.  Other sensory nerves that supply sensation to the front of the thigh can be injured especially when the lower incision is designed very low. This is not by design but can occur.  The "brachial" nerve is in the upper extremity and therefore bo where directly near the tummy tuck surgical area.

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Problems and concerns 1.5 years post tummy tuck

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The information that you present, that is, injury to the brachial nerve, has nothing to do with a tummy tuck or liposuction. Make sure that you obtain correct information regarding your situation. It may be helpful for you to obtain one or more consultations with board certified plastic surgeons in your area to assess your situation.

Nerve damage from abdominoplasty??

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Brachial nerve is in the arm, not likely subject to surgical injury during abdominoplasty. Your question is specific, and should be addressed in personal consultation. Extensive repair will not be indicated upon such a beautiful body.

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