What Common Mommy Makeover Procedures Offer Free Touch-ups?

Does any procedure with a free touch-up mean that it has a high risk of post-operative complication or a high failure rate? Should surgeons offer or not?

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What Common Mommy Makeover Procedures Offer Free Touch-ups?

The offering of free touch ups after any surgical procedure will vary from office to office and needs to be discussed clearly prior to any surgery. I think offering a free touch up might indicate that there might be a concern about amount of skin or fat being removed and how that would affect the healing and scar quality. It is always better to err on the side of caution and take less. In those instances it can be more common to requite touch ups.

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Touch-up policy after mommy make-over

Offering a 'free touch-up' after mommy make-over is a vague offer that requires you obtain additional information prior to embarking on surgery. It is common for plastic surgeons to do minor revisional procedures, commonly called a touch-up, after cosmetic surgery. This may involve a minor scar revision, a touch-up to any liposuction that was performed etc. Most often, these procedures are done under local anesthesia in the surgeon's office. It is common to have a small facility fee to cover the costs of any supplies required.

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Touch-ups after cosmetic surgery are usually free

After a mommy makeover, or any cosmetic surgery, I offer free touch-ups.  This usually includes things that can be done in the office.  However, a facility fee may be charged to cover the cost of the supplies.  If you have to go back to the operating room, you may have an anesthsia charge.  However, I wouldn't let this get in the way of getting a procedure done with a very high satisifaction rate!

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Mommy Makeover

It is common for plastic surgeons to have a policy on this specific issue, especially with regard to cost and responsibility for costs of revision.

I would be specific about what "touch-up" means and the specific policy before you move forward.  It doesn't necessarily mean that the procedure has a higher complication rate.

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It depends on your surgeon and their policy

A "free touch up" has nothing to do with which surgery you want and everything to do with what your surgeon's policy is.  They should offer this on any procedure.  About 90% of operations need nothing done afterwards. you have a 10% chance with any plastic surgery that adjustments to your result may be necessary later.

Best advice on this?   Get your surgeon's policy in writing before you pay!

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Free touch ups for Mommy Makeover surgery

I offer a free touch up for all plastic surgery procedures I perform within the first year after surgery.  Touch up after an abdominoplasty or breast reduction surgery is not uncommon.  The surgeon walks a fine line between making the abdomen "tight" enough and not leaving "dog ears" on the sides of the abdominoplasty incision.  I inform my patients of this before surgery, and will do minor touch -ups in my office under local anesthesia.  An example of this would be removing "dog ears."

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What Common Mommy Makeover Procedures Offer Free Touch-ups?

I think most surgeons offer some type of touch p or revision policy.  The reason is that we try to give the patients the best results possible.  Also, by having a set policy, they is no misunderstanding later on what a patient may need to pay for.  We do not charge a professional fee for any revision needed in the first year but patient would have to pay anesthesia/operating room fees if required.  However, most touch ups or revisons are usually minor and can be done under local.

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Revision surgery

A mommy makeover is a big operation.  On occassion, patients require revisions.  Most of the time they are minor scar issues that can be addressed with local anesthesia in the office.  More important is for you to ask your surgeon how often he/she needs to revise their surgery.

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Touch Ups after Mommy Make Over

A surgeon who offers touch ups, does not suggest that there is a high risk of complications. Rather, it is a sign that the surgeon wants to get the best possible result and is willing to revise scars or make minor modifications if it is needed and would improve the final result and a patients happiness. Make sure you know what your surgeon's revision policy covers and for how long.

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Touch ups with mommy makeover

This does not necessarily mean that the procedure is a higher risk for post operative complications.  However,  a mommy makeover usually involves more than one procedure at a time meaning that you have more areas to recover from at once.  All surgeons have their own policy regarding revisions and "touch ups" can mean different things to different doctors.  I would discuss this with your plastic surgeon ahead of time so that you are clear about what you can expect.  Good luck!

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