When can I pluck and style my Transplanted Eyebrows?

I am 12 days post eyebrow transplant and no Shedding has occurred yet. when can I pluck and shape my eyebrows a) if no shedding happens b) if the normal process of shedding and growing happens. what are the chances of loosing that plucked transplanted hair forever? Thank you

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You should not be "plucking" transplanted hairs on purpose.  If you must, you should trim them.

After 6 to 12 months you can pluck the transplanted hairs but if you keep plucking the hairs it may not grow back (like any hairs you pluck).

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Post op eyebrow transplant

Your hair transplant specialist should have given you a post op regiment to follow. However, at this early stage The transplanted eye brow area may have some remaining scabs with some hairs attached to them. Usually the follicle remains, however the hair shaft detaches from the follicle, it comes to the surface and then falls off with the scabs.  At this early stage, you need to clean the area properly as directed by your doctor until scabs fall off.  However,you should not pluck any hair until a few months when all the transplanted hairs grow in.  If you need to pluck, you can do so at that time.  

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Styling and plucking transplanted hairs

Each hair transplant surgeon may have slightly different recommendations so I would check with your transplant surgeon.  After the first week of an eyebrow the crusts that form where the grafts were placed can start to be gently removed.  These crusts should be all removed by around two weeks following the procedure.  These "crust" house the transplanted hairs and the upper layer of skin of the grafts.  The follicle itself if now permanent within the skin.  After around 4 to 6 months you will begin to see the hairs starting to grow in at different rates.  They do not all grow in at the same time.  Once the hair begins to regrow, this hair can be treated and styled like you would any hair.  However, keep in mind that if you continue plucking these hairs eventually the hair will not regrow.   

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