Would Pelleve be good for festoons ?

Are there any doctors in or around Columbus Ohio that can work on festoons? Please Help.

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Pelleve for Festoons

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Dear Joyce, 

Cheeks swellings known as festoons or malar mounds often have a genesis in solar damage to the collagen in this sensitive part of the face.  

By wounding the skin slightly, its possible to generate new collagen to help skin laxity and festoons. 

Unfortunately, the amount of skin wounding that pelleve provides isn't enough to make a marked improvement in festoons. 

I've found that using lasers its possible to improve malar mounds and eyelid festoons.

I'll leave some links below to explain this. 

I hope you found this helpful. 

Tampa Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Pelleve will stimulate collagen formation and case skin tightening that will make the festoons and fine wrinkles less prominent and apparent.  However if the festoon is a fatty deposition, it won't be resolved by the Pelleve procedure and you will need to see a plastic surgeon for the best outcome.Best wishes!

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