Breast lift and reduction after lumpectomy and radiation. Any suggestions?

How do you find out if the blood supply to the nipple is sufficient for a breast lift due to lumpectomy and radiation. The cancer was DCIS and was Stage 0. Rads finished July 14 2015. Was a DD before the cancer and like the size now (C?) of the radiated breast. But I would like to have it lifted (or filled in). Fat Grafting? The other breast I would like reduced and lifted to match. Anchor or Lollipop or some other way. Nothing fits rights?? plz help thx

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This is an example where a photograph would be very helpful. I'm not quite sure what you mean in your question. We do try to avoid doing breast lifts on radiated breasts. Fat graft can be helpful to add some volume but not large volume changes, at least in one surgery. Please resubmit

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Breast lift after a lumpectoy and radiation

A breast lift can often be done after lumpectomy with radiation but there is no way to determine preoperatively if the blood supple is adequate.  Your request for a contralateral breast reduction for symmetry and a breast lift is very reasonable.  Fat grafting may also be an option to fill in a defect from the lumpectomy.  And oftentimes, insurance will cover all the procedures.  Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast reconstruction get answers to your questions.

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Breast lift after radiation

Operating on breast after radiation can be challenging. I recommend breast reduction/lift at time of lumpectomy, before radiation. A contralateral symmetry procedure
can be performed at the same time. 
Reconstruction of lumpectomy/radiation defect
is best achieved with fat grafting and a contralateral symmetry procedure can be performed at the same time. Consider hyperbaric oxygen therapy post fat grafting and keep in mind you may require more than one session for optimal aesthetic outcome. 
Best , Dr. Yegiyants.

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