Thick and big dent on my arm. Will it be permanent? Normal? (Photo)

Hi ! sorry about my English. I had liposuction on abdomen , arms and back one month ago , I am worried because my abdomen is very lumpy , I have read it is normal and it heal with massage and time . I am more worried because I have a thick , long dent underarm , it looks bigger in person actualy . I lost about 10 cms on my abdomen but I dont see any difference on the fat of my arms , they look almost the same , will be this dent permanent?solution? How long can it take to heal?

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One month is too early after liposuction To be concerned about contour abnormalities.

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At one month it's impossible to comment about the fate of any contour abnormality. After six months of this persists some restorative treatment might be indicated.

Dents after liposuction

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Most probably, over the months and massaging the area that dent will be much better. Swelling makes it look bigger.
After 3-4 months you will see the final result and evaluate if those dents fade or remain.
Be patience.
Dr. Cardenas

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