CO2 Pixel Laser the Same As Fraxel?

The derm clinic I've gone to (I live overseas) says the CO2 Pixel laser is the laser they use...but I'm a little confused. Is it the same as Fraxel?

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Don't be fooled by inferior copies of Fraxel laser

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Fraxel was the first fractionated laser to come onto the market and has remained among the leaders in this technology. In my opion, Fraxel Re:pair, a CO2 fractionated laser and the Deep FX from Ultrapulse are the two leaders in this technology. The treatments will cost more but are well worth it. I have seen many patients in my practice who had these lower cost fractionated laser treatments often resulted in minimal results, prolonged downtime and higher risks of complications.

My advice, stick with the leaders--Fraxel Re:pair or Deep FX.

Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Both lasers work well

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The answer is not simple. Anyone saying only one is the best without explaining the technology and results of the other is not giving you all of the facts. Ultimately, CO2 gives the most skin tightening (no matter which you use). But, Fraxel is an old technology and many feel it is out-dated. The surrounding thermal damage by this technology was why newer technology was developed. No matter what you end up using, make sure you go to someone who can explain all treatment options. You may not need laser resurfacing at all!

The similarity is they both are fractional CO2 lasers

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The Fraxel re:pair and the Ultrapulse (Active and Deep FX) are the 2 premier fractional CO2 lasers in my opinion. They have the most clinical data and research behind them. The technology behind the Fraxel re:pair is very complex with several unique features (they have patents) in their handpiece. The other companies in my opinion are trying to ride on the research done by these companies. That may or may not be valid. I'd stick to the re:pair or the Active FX.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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