Pixel Laser - How Long Before You See Results?

I am now 3 days post-op and my skin looks awful. Dry, spotty and flaking. Also, how close to the lower eyelid can Pixel safely be done? My clinic avoided that area, and that is where I show aging.

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There are a few days of downtime after Pixel

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The settings of the Pixel laser dictate the down time. The best results with Pixel are achieved with more aggressive settings on the laser and with stacking (repeated pulses of the laser on the same spot). At higher settings, the skin of the face looks and feels rough and also has a bronze appearance for a few days. During that first 3 or 4 days, most people are self conscious about their appearance. After the third or fourth day, the roughness and bronzing begin to resolve and are usually gone after a week.

As far as how close the Pixel can be done on the eyelid, it depends on the type of eye protection that is used. The simplest eye shields are either goggles or sticky pads. Both of these cover some eyelid skin and, thus, leave some eyelid skin untreated. To treat with the laser up to the eyelashes, corneal shields have to be placed and these area little more involved (and a bit uncomfortable). However, for some patients, it may be worth it.

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Pixel Recovery

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You will see initial results in 7 days and as long as the treatment was done correctly, you should see continuously improving results over the next 6 weeks. Make sure you go to a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery so you can be offered all of the treatment options for you eyelids.

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