Pixel Laser for Chest and Neck Wrinkles?

I'm 21 years old, and I wanted to know if a couple of Pixel laser sessions, on whatever settings may be most effective, help reduce appearance of lines on the neck and chest area? Even somewhat of an improvement would be great. The lines are relatively new, and while deeper than average, are definetely not "folds". Thank you so much.

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Pixel works well on neck and chest wrinkles

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Wrinkles on the neck and chest respond well to Pixel laser treatments. The Pixel laser is designed for minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. You will see improvement with one treatment but the best results are often seen with two to four treatments. The skin that is treated will look and feel rough for about 5 days and have a bronzed appearance during that time. For this reason, patients like to have these treatments when the weather is cooler so clothing can be used to hide these changes.

Hope this helps.

Naples Facial Plastic Surgeon

Wrinkles and Pixel

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The Pixel laser is excellent for fine lines and wrinkles and causes minimal surrounding morbidity. I am curious though why you have these wrinkles at 21 years old. I have used the laser for young girls with acne scarring with excellent results.

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