Co2 Laser Resurfacing Can Cause Hypopigmentation on my Face? Im Latina Mixed with Spanish

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Hyperpigmentation and CO2 laser

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Yes CO@ laser runs the risk of pigment changes in your face. Even the fractionated type. What are you trying to correct? If it is scarring, then Laser Genesis, from Cutera would be very usual with color changes to your face.


David Ellis MD FRCSC

Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

Art of Facial

Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

Fractional CO2 has never been reported to cause hypopigmentation

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Pigment loss from resurfacing the skin is related to removing full layers of the skin (100% of the surface area) and going too deep in this fashion. So full-surface CO2 laser treatment does have this risk. However when a fractional approach is used, tens of thousands of tiny ( diameter of a hair)columns of laser energy are placed over the surface of the skin and because there is untreated skin around each column there are always pigment cells that are not affected by the laser. As a result there are always enough pigment cells remaining to keep the pigment normal. In fact the opposite - HYPERpigmentation- is the most common side effect, occurring in 10-30% of patients. This risk can be diminished by taking a few preventative steps while treating with the laser.

Richard Fitzpatrick, MD (in memoriam)
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon

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