Can I Close a 5mm Gap Between my Front Teeth? In How Much Time? (photo)

Hello, i'm 27 and i wish so much to finally have the smile of my dreams! But..i have a 5 mm gap and an over jet of also 5 mm.Biting doesn't bother me, the gap doesn't bother me that much as it bothers me the over jet. i wanna know if is possible to fix the over jet problem with Invisalign and to close my gap without the laser surgery for that muscle that is between my 2 front teeth (sorry i dont know the name of it, but i hope u get what i mean). I prefer to leave 1mm gap instead of surgery thx

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How long will it take to close a large gap

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You can close the gap, you can reduce the over jet . It will probably take up to 20 months. It will relapse if  you do not ware your retainer EVERY night after treatment is completed. And You can not fix the over jet without fixing the gap, or the other way around. And in order to close the gap you need to remove the extra tissue in order to get best results. If you do the removal with Laser, it is so much easier and less discomfort than  traditionally with scalpel. all above really depends on a full mouth, and gum exam, models, and TMJ, bite  and head and neck evaluation .

Good luck

Orange County Dentist

Closing gaps between front teeth without frenectomy

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Yes it is possible to close this gap without surgery but the chance of it opening back up is great without removing this tissue and would require you to wear a retainer every night "religiously".  Invisalign is definitely possible as of course traditional braces.  Hint:  Get a Clincheck proposal from your Invisalign dentis and he can show you on the cmputer a 3d model of the changes and timing for your situation.  It will require some impressions, xrays and pictures.  Good luck!  You will love the changes.  I am having it done for my 3 mm space between the same teeth.  Bonding is an option if you don't close the space fully, but I would recommend trying to close the space then a little retaining wire can be put on the backs of those front teeth to keep them from separating.

You can close a 5mm gap between the front teeth, but it will take time.

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The short answer is yes and it will take most likely over one year. The  surgery you are referring to is a labial frenectomy. Most people recommend this to make the closing of the gap more predictable and complete. Its hard to tell from the pictures if your frenum is very fribrous or low. You can certainly try without it and see if you are satisfied with the result.

I would tend to recommend braces over invisalign due to the size of the gap. Invisalign may not be as precise or as predictable in this case. Yes it will work, but I would not guarrantee anything.  You will need to treat both upper and lower.

Also, if you leave a 1mm space you can close this with bondings afterwards.

Hope this helps

Dr. T

Mauricio C. Tijerino, DMD
Miami Beach Dentist

Just one week for a perfect smile

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We can correct this issue with smile designing and splinted  crowns effectively. This will take just one week to get it corrected. Invisalign is a great option too but will need removal of the frenal attachment. to make a stable result. 

Invisalign would work but it's going to ALWAYS want to return

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Hello, so looking at your pictures.  The muscle attachment is strong and low (called frenum).   The frenectomy was probably recommended because this constant pulling / contracting on the muscle caused diastema (space between teeth).   You can overcome these forces and close the space using Invisalign but you're going to have to wear a retainer- every night, in perpetuity.   Also, all throughout the day, your gap is going to want to open up (the forces are that strong), then all night the retainer will push it back.  This constant movement is not good long term IMO.  I would reconsider the frenectomy.  Second I would investigate if you're a candidate for a lingual bonded retainer on front two teeth.  Hope this helps!

Close Gap

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I think you have done your research. Using invisalign to close the space is the right choice. However, I would caution you not to leave the frenulum attachment between #8 and #9, because the space will reoccur, after invisalign is complete. My suggestion is to remove this attachment to prevent relapse of your invisalign results. And the overjet is easily corrected with invisalign as well. This should produce some great results. Hopefully, you can post them once your treatment is complete. Hoping the best!

James Magee, DDS
Altamonte Springs Dentist

5mm Gap between 2 front teeth

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Can be done very quickly with braces or Invisalign in 3-6 months. Painless laser treatment will definitely help. Or 6 or more veneers in 3 weeks.

Sandra M. Low, DMD
New York Dentist

Yes you can get the result you want

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You can achieve your results with orthodontics but need to evaluate for frenectomy.  Retainer will be key factor after invisalign or braces as you wish to chose.

Adnan Saleem, DMD
Frisco Dentist

Both problems are easily solved

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You can close the gap and correct the over jet with Invisalign or veneers.  The removal of the frenum is very easy and heals quickly with a laser.

Huge Gap Between My Two Front Teeth...can I close it with cosmetic dentistry and/or orthodontics?

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The answer is most certainly is most certainly that with orthodontics or cosmetic dentistry (veneering) you can close most of the space between your front teeth.  However with orthodontics, when you close that space you will find another space opening up on the other side of the tooth.   But between those two teeth your also have a huge frenum that is a combination of fibrous and elastic tissue, so after the teeth are moved to one another you will most likely find relapse, where the spaces come back to some extent.  Unfortunately, your frenum isn't just on the outside of your jaw bone, but actually goes through where the roots of the two teeth are, all the way to the other side.  So it isn't just a matter of snipping the frenum off with laser or a scalpel.  You would need to find a surgeon who can disect more of the frenum out so that closure of the two front teeth won't be blocked by the tissue.

Cosmetic dentistry with veneers is also a solution for your to continue, but with the space as large as it is you would either have to live with a small space between your front teeth or front teeth that are too wide, or if doing multiple teeth, teeth that angle more than normal towards each other.

I'm assuming you are very confused by now, but I have a solution of what might give you the very best outcome. 

I would recommend a combination of treatments, orthodontics, surgery of the frenum and porcelain veneers.  Work with the orthodontist (to move the teeth closer together) and oral surgeon or periodontist (to remove the frenum) first.  If you will do veneers the space will not have to be closed completely with braces or invisalign orthodontics.  When the big space is closed and the other spaces are more uniform in size, go to a cosmetic dentist and have porcelain veneers placed.  He may only need to place four veneers, but typically when there are large spaces or multiple spacing, six or even eight veneers might give you the best result.

Rest assured, there are solutions out there if you connect with the right dentists (cosmetic dentist, orthodontist and oral surgeon) and get the combination of treatments I have recommended here.

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

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