Revision Surgeries After Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

I was supposed to remove my wisdom teeth in August or this December, but life happened. In the summer, I'm planning on having rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery revision. Should I remove my teeth in the summer before revisions? How long should I wait? I hear 1-3 months and even 6 months, which I really can't do 6 months... Should I remove my teeth 6-12 months after my revisions instead? But, I'm afraid my teeth with grow and mess up my teeth as the wisdom ones are growing inward (I'm 19 by the way).

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Wisdom teeth out before facial cosmetic surgery?

Definitely discuss this with both your cosmetic surgeon and your oral sugeon as to timing and interrelationships.  If you need your wisdom teeth out, and most people do, it would make sense to have them out before any cosmetic surgery.  Not wise to do at the same time I believe, as too many possible complictions between them both are possible.

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Eyelid revision after wisdom teeth

If you are planning ahead to have you reyelid revision surgery, then you may want to consider having your wisdom teeth extracted soon er than later. The reason is : if you develop problems or an infection and the eyelid revision surgery prevents you from having wisdom teeth extractions then you may be in a bad situation.  If you have been referred for wisdom teeth removal from your dentist, then you should probably follow his recommendtion. Prevention is the key here.

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