Can I request how much fat be removed from abdomen with laser Lipo.

Hello, I am very much interested in laser Lipo and ive seen doctors take anywhere from 3 liters of fat out to ( very unhappy patient )1300cc out now my question is I to want have the maximum amount of fat which I assume is 4 liters with laser Lipo is it appropriate that I request 4 liters (and yes I have enough fat in my abdomen)

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How much fat can be removed

I always say " is not how much fat is removed is how much fat is left" each state has different regulation in regards to the amount of fat that can be removed, that also depends the setting in which your surgery is performed, in doctors offices, surgical centers and hospitals the regulations are all different, but in general terms about 4 lt of pure fat is the maximum amount that should be removed in a single procedure in surgical center, you need to check with locals doctors to find out your state regulations

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MAximum Amount of Fat That Can Be Removed

the volume with laser lipo removal will be less than it seems as the fat melts.  Also, the max to be removed safely is 5L but you would be surprised, some people need less than they think they do.  You should trust you physician and do what is in your best interest during surgery.  You want a natural and defined contour, trust him to do this. I suggest going to a VASER 4D contouring specialist, as laser does much less for skin tightening and contouring then VASER does.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Fat Removal During Lipo

It is always best to expresses your wishes and desires regarding your surgical expectations. The amount of fat removed is really based on how much you truly have to give up. There is a fine line between taking too much and leaving some behind. Overremoval can leave you irregular and unhappy so watch out what you ask for. Make sure you visit with a lipo specialist who is very experienced and can explain to you the anticipated outcome and make sure that is inline with your expectations. 

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