Hair falling out at day 9 of hair transplant, too soon or normal?

It's my 9th day since the transplant and some hairs have fallen out with the scabs...when I showered and gently rubbed my head to help slough off the crusts more hairs in the crusts fell out. I know you typically shed your hair but is it normal for it to happen prior to the 14 days? Did these hairs not take, did I rub too hard? Just simply curious. Thank you!

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It would be best if you contact your doctor for a follow up exam if you are having issue after surgery.

It would be best if you contact your doctor for a follow up exam if you are having issue after surgery.  There is no particular "rule" on what day the transplanted hairs will shed.   Some grafts can be dislodged few days after surgery but this is relatively rare.

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These hairs will sooner or later shed. They are never a problem for new hairs that start to grow. Usually, there is a lag time between the time the hairs shed (2-8 weeks) and the time the new hair grows (3-8 months). IF for any reason, there is an overlap between the two, pay no attention to it for when the new hair grows, the old hairs from the grafts that may persist beyond 8 weeks, will eventually shed

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Grafts falling out

Typically by 9 or 10 days the grafts (follicles) are well incorporated into the scalp.It is possible that a few of the grafts have been dislodged but most of what you are seeing is a crust of fatty tissue surrounding the graft and a little shaft of hair- meaning the follicles are safe and you can expect normal growth.

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Hair falling out day 9

For the first two weeks, it's important to be careful with washing to avoid irritating the scabs.  If an entire scab with a follicle is pulled out, it may not grow back.  After two weeks they are generally well seeded and you can generally shower normally.  

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Hair Falling out at day 9

By Day 9 you should be just fine. After 48 hrs the follicles have already started to implant from the healing process going on around them. It is not the hair that is important in the transplant, it is the follicle itself. So shedding hairs in teh scabs will not affect the result as long as the follicles are still implanted. 

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