Hard Circle Under Chin After Chin Liposuction

I recently had Chin Lipo at the same time as a Tummy Tuck. I wore a head strap to support the skin for two weeks after. I was worried about having excess skin. The skin seems to be okay, but I have a small hard circle just under my chin where the tiny incision was made. It doesn't hurt and isn't that noticeable, but I can feel it and it doesn't seem normal. Is this isolated swelling? Or should I go back to see my doctor?

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Wound Healing Following Chin Liposuction: What to Expect

It’s not unusual to have a firm bump where the liposuction incision was made.  This is a normal part of wound healing and should resolve with the passage of time.  Gentle massage of the area will facilitate healing and flatten the scar tissue beneath the chin. If you continue to have concerns, don’t hesitate to discuss the issue with your plastic surgeon.

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Swelling after chin liposuction

This represents residual swelling and will subside with time.  In some cases, a small revision liposuction can be performed in clinic.  Either way, the final outcome is positive.

I would recommend using Bruise-Stick, a medicated ointment stick containing Arnica and Bromelain, to reduce swelling and bruising.

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Hard area beneath the incision is normal.

It is normal to have a hard area of tissue beneath any incision because that is your body's way of healing.  It will eventually resolve.

I always talk to my patients about this hardness and give them instructions on how to make it resolve as quickly as possible.

Richard H. Fryer, MD
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Hard knot in chin after liposuction

This knot may represent scar tissue, which should soften with time and massage.  Do see your surgeon, though, to be sure it's not an infection or a problem with a stitch.

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Hard mass under chin after liposuction

Developing a firm area after liposuction is a known symptom during the healing process. In our practice, we stressed our patients the importance of wearing a compressive garment under the chin at all times for the first two weeks after surgery. After this period, the patients may wear the garment once they return home from work and then throughout the evening. The garment is very important to make sure that the skin of the neck adheres smoothly to the underlying muscle. This will also limit the inflammation and the firm areas

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Hard lump or nodule after chin liposuction

This is very normal and I have seen it often. It can be due to numerous causes:

  1. Scar formation at the incision
  2. Suture reaction
  3. Resolving fat necrosis
  4. Small hematoma/seroma
  5. Friction injury from cannula

All of these will likely resolve of their own accord and be of relatively little long-term significance. Firm massage of the area may hasten softening. However, always discuss your concerns with your surgeon!

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Liposuction of the chin

Most likely this is scar tissue that some times forms after surgery. I would return to your physician to have he or she take a look . If your surgery was recent the scar tissue will most likely dissipate on its own. However if it has been quite some time since the surgery the doctor may want to help it along with a injection of kenalog .

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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