I Had Chin Liposuction 6 Days Ago and Have a Slight Right Facial Droop. Could this be From Swelling? (photo)

When I talk or smile my lower lip does not move all the way down like normal. The surgeon had to cut the muscle under my chin to remove all the fat;the majority of my fat was under the muscle. She also said most of the fat was on the right side and it took her a while to remove all of it. The right side of my face is swollen and the majority of my swelling is on the right side of my neck. How can I tell if this is permanent? Could this be from the swelling?

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Facial droop

Dr. Day is incorrect. The nerve does not go "to sleep". Temporarily the local anesthetic used during surgery can cause muscle weakness. This subsides over several hours. Something six days out is an injury to the nerve. The good news is that most patients recover without permanent drooping but it can take up to 3-4 months. You should see and inform your surgeon right away.

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Facial Droop on one side after Neck Lipo

There is a nerve to the corner of the mouth that goes straight down and over the jaw bone. Sometimes it can go to sleep after lipo, like hitting the nerve on your elbow and having your little finger go to sleep.

The facial droop is not permanent and normally goes away within six weeks. No special care is needed. It heals naturally.

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