Treatment for Bromhidrosis in underarms and groin area

After a lot of research and visits to multiple dermatologists I was recently told I have Bromhidrosis. This condition had huge impact on my social life and professional career and I want this to go-away. I was told that MiraDry can help with Underarm Bromhidrosis – is this accurate? And for groin area, it seems ‘Smart Lipo’ which has 1444nm wavelength works? Can you please provide information if these procedures work and if so information on any one offering these in Chicago area.
Please click here for a list of board-certified surgeons who offer MiraDry in the Chicago area.

Please click here for a list of board-certified surgeons who perform Smart Lipo in the Chicago area.

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MiraDry for odor?

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Yes, MiraDry is FDA cleared for the reduction of sweat and smell in the underarm area. The technology targets the sweat glands and is safe and effective in this part of the body.

I would not use this technology in the groin as it is not proven to be safe and effective in the region. 

Warmest regards, Dr. ALDO

Miradry for Bromhidrosis

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Hi and thank you for your question!

Miradry does work for bromhidrosis in the axillary area. We have had many patients come in for this concern. We have found that most patients need 2 treatments at level 5 to resolve odor issues and rarely a 3rd treatment. We do not currently do any treatments to help with the groin area. However, I highly recommend miraDry for treatment of the underarm area.


Dr. Grant Stevens

Treatment for Bromhidrosis

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miraDry is a GREAT treatment for underarm Bromhidrosis as well as Hyperhidrosis. As the sweat and odor glands reside within mm of each other under the skin, the laser treatment is effective in destroying both. Here in our office, we typically see a 70% reduction after just one treatment! In the US, it is not FDA cleared for the groin area, utilizing smart lipo for that would be OFF Label, so I caution you to do your research and speak to your healthcare professional before undergoing any treatment.

I hope this answers your questions, good luck and be well!

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MiraDry for bromhidrosis

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Bromhidrosis can be treated with miraDry. As a matter of fact, it is the only procedure that helps bromhidrosis. I have been taking care of hyperhidrosis and bromhidrosis patients since 1999 and developed the most comprehensive center for hyperhidrosis and bromhidrosis in the U.S. I have performed almost every procedure for these conditions and I have never seen any data suggesting that SmartLipo works for this ! 

In our practice, only a SINGLE session of miraDry works to eliminate hyperhidrosis of the underarms in 90% of patients. This will save you $1500. The other 10% will need an additional treatment at $1500.

In our practice, 66% of patients who have had miraDry of the underarms report improvement of bromhidrosis. 

Bromhidrosis results from overactivity of apocrine and apoeccrine sweat glands, requiring 2-2.5 passes of miraDry at the highest energy setting, namely 5. 

We are a Platinum Plus Provider for miraDry. There are only a handful in the U.S. with this designation. 

It may be worth your drive to our center. 

You can read my ebook about miraDry on the link below. It was published in 2011. We have been doing miraDry since 2011. Look at the link below.

miraDry for the groin is off label use (FDA). 

Dr H Karamanoukian
Center for Excessive Sweating

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