How Much Time off from Work As a Hospital Nurse Will I Need After Submuscular Breast Augmentation?

I work 12 hour nursing shifts in a hospital and my job includes activities like turning and pulling sedated patients up in their beds using lift sheets, doing CPR, and supporting patients as they get out of bed. Because I am very thin, I anticipate needing submuscular implants. I want to try to plan enough time off of work to recover enough to perform my duties without impairing my recovery, my patients' safety, and without telling my bosses I am having breast enlargement. This is no desk job!

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How much time off for a breast augment

For a submuscular breast augmentation, 2 weeks would be optimal. You will still be sore but should be able to do the duties you describe. We would all like to see the patient have 4 weeks off, but in reality few can take this much time. I have only seen 1 complication in a post op submuscular implant that is related to the muscle. A patient 1 week out reached for something behind her and pulled the pectorals muscle resulting in a hematoma.

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Time of after breast augmentation

I advise patients to take 3-4 weeks off from this type of physical work.

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Time off of work after Breast Augmentation

Thanks for your question. Typically, we tell people they can (usually) return to work on Monday if the procedure was done on Thursday. However, you are describing a very physical job, that would require significant stresses on the upper body (CPR, lifting patients). If you were trying to keep this a complete secret from your coworkers, the SAFEST thing would be to allow three weeks. If you felt good enough prior to that to return, you could, but certainly not before 2 weeks. A lot will have to do with the size implant you go with-- the larger the implant, the longer your recovery will be (prolonged soreness, etc.)  Good luck!

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Activities after BA

Vigorous use of the Pectoralis muscles may cause significant bleeding with hematoma for up to 4 weeks after BA. Be advised.

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Recovery after breast augmentation

Following a breast augmentation, most women are back to work within 5-7 days.  However, most surgeons will want you to avoid strenuous physical activity for about two weeks.  Since your job does involve heavy lifting, I would definitely plan on at least two weeks unless you would be able to return to work and not have to lift or move patients.  Once you first start back at work, do expect to be sore after a long day.  And once you choose a surgeon, be sure to discuss your work and anticipated recovery with him or her.  Good luck!

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Time off of work for a breast augmentation

After a breast augmentation you can expect to need at least 5  - 7 days before you are fully back to activities of daily living.  For a vigorous and physical job it may be  3 - 4 weeks before you can work with out any pain.  In between 1 week and 3 weeks post op you can still work but try to be careful. 

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Time off for a nurse after breast augmentation

The key will be how much time you can get. Our patients most often need to be well in a week and we take measures to get them there. With work today it can very difficult to get a week or more. You should be able to be back to things within a week without affecting your result, though chest muscles will indeed be sore.

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Breast Augmentation Recovery

Thank you for your question.  I generally advise no heavy lifting or strenuous activity for 3-4 weeks.    Please talk to your plastic surgeon as he/she is the best person to answer your question.  Best of luck.

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Two weeks off for a hospital nurse after breast augmentation.

A sub muscular prosthesis requires a longer convalescence and sub glandular. After two weeks most patients with sub muscular prostheses are doing well. I would request that for an additional two weeks vigorous use of the arms is avoided. When

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Time Off Work For Nurse

Based on your job duties, I would plan 2 weeks off work.  The majority of patients take off a week, but you describe difficult physical labor, plus you want to keep the surgery confidential. Best wishes!

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