Implanon in arm: Can I have BBL surgery?

I'm asking because I'm interested in have a BBL next year in April in I have seen reviews where the surgeon inform patients of no birth control pills before surgery due to the hornmones of the implanon is inserted in your arm it can be removed if need be

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Implanon in arm: Can I have BBL surgery?

Because of an increased association between estrogen and blood clots it's always preferable to be off any form of estrogen for 2- 4 weeks before and after surgery. Having said that, assuming that you are in good health, you should be able to undergo a BBL. Consult with a Board Certified PS with lots of experience performing BBL surgery Good luck!

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Contraceptive hormones and surgery

it's always a good idea to be off hormones if possible before surgery. Contraceptive pills and implantable devices (excluding iud's that do not elude medicine) all affect estrogen and or progesterone levels. Changes in estrogen levels have been associated with blood clots. So....if possible....taking a break from the contraceptive medications around surgery (4weeks before to 2-4 weeks after) decreases your risk of clots. Discuss with your surgeon of choice for specific planning.


David Shifrin, MD
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Implanon in arm: Can I have BBL surgery?

The risks and benefits in your particular case will have to be weighed, and the surgeon you select will have to make a decision.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Implanon in arm: Can I have BBL surgery?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well... Because of all the risks between blod clots on patients, it is always better to check yourself with your doctor and be off of strogen 6 weeks before surgery.

Tania Medina de Garcia, MD
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Take this up with your surgeon

some people are very strict with adherence to this, others are less so.  I would take this up with the surgeon you select. 

Ethan Philpott, MD
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