I want an alarplasty but do I also get a tiplasty? (photos)

Hi Im 19 and am starting to plan getting an ethnic alarplasty. However Ive seen alot of doctors usually do your tip too so everything matches...my tip might not seem that bulbous to me now but squeezing & playing with it I think I see it will be if I have timy nostrils and the same tip I have now. But I dont know because its not like I want my tip raise and I just dont want it to turn out bad what do you think?

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Rhinoplasty Goals

Based on your photos, it would be a mistake to simply perform alar base modification.  There is an important relationship between the proportion of the width of the nostrils relative to the width of the tip, and if the nostril width is reduced without addressing the width of the tip - it will appear even more bulbous in comparison.   Given the thickness of your skin, you will need some degree of tip projection to achieve a refined tip.  Without projection it will be difficult to see the changes made underneath the skin.

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Should I have an Alarplasty?

It doesn't appear that your facial features and nose would greatly benefit from alar base reduction. Perhaps a small amount of narrowing with the incision hidden within the intranasal sill of your nostril could be considered, but I cannot recommend narrowing your alae to the degree that you are suggesting. For a young attractive face and nose, you may want to reconsider your goals, as alar base reduction does have some risk of scars and cannot easily be undone. If the shape of your nostrils bothers you, consult with a true expert who performs regular and numerous rhinoplasty surgeries on young ethnic patients and have an in-person consultation for an opinion. Proceed with caution. 

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