I have a hidden stitch in belly button, what is the worst that can happen if it is never removed?

had a TT about 10 months ago & noticed a black stitch that is left in my belly button area. When I try to grab it with tweezers it pulls but is logged even with heavy force. This makes me think that the knot is inside the belly button and perhaps skin grew over the other end of the stitch. Not able to return to my Doctor & can't find another surgeon to go behind the others work. It doesn't hurt or bother me, it's just knowing that it's there is worrisome. Will I be OK, if it's not removed?

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Suture remains in belly button

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It is hard to tell how deep the suture lies without an exam. Even a photo will help. A retained suture will eventually cause a small infection and need to be removed. But waiting is very unlikely to be a problem. Consider doing to an Urgent Care clinic. Doctors there should be able to deal with something like this.

Suture remaining at belly button after abdominoplasty

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Eventually the suture will become irritated or infected. I would see your surgeon to evaluate and take care of

Hidden stitch in belly button.

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It seems unusual that you cannot find a surgeon to remove a suture. If you are in Chicago, give us a call and we can remove it for you.

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