Had Fractora laser for acne scars, but now left with vertical line scars :( (Photos)

Almost one year ago, I had "Fractora." I've heard of fraxel lasers before, CO2 Laser treatments, but not this. Was told it is innovative, less downtime and better. I was left with giant red grid lines across my entire face (tiny pin holes). One year later and my skin is not better, it's worse. I still have visible wrinkles around my eyes, skin texture worse, and the biggest thing-I am left with scar lines on the left side of my face where my acne scars are still present.

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Had Fractora laser for acne scars = are you dark skin? #fractora #radiofrequency

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Fractora is a innovative radio frequency tightening skin treatment. In patients with dark skin it could leave residual dark spots (hyper pigmentation). Therefore, dark skin people (middle eastern, latino, etc) should be pretreated with anti-darkening creams before undergoing fracture treatment

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