BBL and Exparel. Can this shot be given to people having BBL, since lipo will be done on multiple areas of the body?

Hi Dr, I'm interesting in having the bbl procedure but I'm afraid of the pain I hear the pain the first 3 days is terrible. There is a shot called Exparel that one of the members surgeon gave her right after butt implant surgery she says it cut the pain in have for three whole days she paid 300 dollars for this shot. My question is can this shot be giving for people having bbl surgeries since Lipo will be done on multiple areas of the body Can it still cut the pain in half for multiple areas ?

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BBL and Exparel. Can this shot be given to people having BBL, since lipo will be done on multiple areas of the body?

Hello! Thank you for your question! Exparel is an excellent form of delivery of a local anesthetic, Marcaine. It is delivered within a liposomes form, which is slowly released over a 72 hour period. The injectable form lasts approximately 6 hours. It has significantly reduced postoperative pain as well as the need for postoperative narcotics following surgical procedures. Sometimes a small additional fee is required for it's use, but it's benefits have been great. The pain pumps are excellent as well as they continuously drip the anesthetic within the pocket.

Typically, Exparel is either injected into the surrounding soft tissue/underlying muscle layer or just simply released into the pocket itself. If injected between the ribs, there certainly is a theoretical, and higher, risk of puncturing of the lung. the former methods are more common. You should discuss the access to and its potential use with your surgeon. Hope that this helps! Best wishes!

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Exparel and BBL

Exparel is a long acting anesthetic that can be used to alleviate pain in localized areas.  It is best to be injected into isolated areas.

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Exparel and BBL

Exparel is a long-lasting(2-3 days) local aneasthetic that is injected to relieve pain in localized areas after surgery.  Because a BBL has many donor sites and also is spread out over a wide area, Exparel cannot be used.  While there is some pain and discomfort after a BBL, most patients handle this very well with a variety of therapies including pain medicines.  Please discuss this with your plastic surgeon who can help you through your concerns.

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