Can you only go so big with breast implants? (Photo)

I have about small Bs. I uploaded pics but I do feel my breasts look bigger in the picture than they actually are. I also uploaded the size I want to go. I believe those are probably size DDs? I want to know if that might be a real possibility for me to go about Abigail Ratchford size and could they look somewhat natural like that? She does have breast implants but her boobs don't look like two round balls and thats what i'm really trying to avoid.

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Picking the size

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To use the Southern saying, "You can't put ten pounds of flour in a 5 pound bag."

Your anatomy - breast width and soft tissue stretchiness - will play a big role on the size of implant that the breast can hold initially.  Some of the models who have large implants have had several surgeries over time to get there.  Your surgeon will advise you about what your tissues can do safely.

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Breast Implants/ Breast Augmentation/ Anatomic Gummy Bear Implants/ Silicone Implants/ Breast Implant Revision Surgery

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I appreciate your question.

The size of implant best for you is dictated by your chest wall measurements. Once we determine that we can choose the profile based on what you want or need to achieve.  If you are seeking a natural look, then the diameter of the implant should be equal to or, more ideally, smaller than the width of your breast. The breast width is a measurement of how wide your breast is at the base, which should be measured at the level of the nipple. Choosing an implant that is smaller in diameter than your breast width will avoid the "side breast" fullness that is often associated with a more artificial appearance. Other than that, you should choose the implant based on volume, not on the dimensions of the implant. You should choose a board certified plastic surgeon that you trust to help guide you in this decision.

Silicone will give you a fullness at the top (upper pole fullness).
Silicone implants come pre-filled with a silicone gel and are the softest implant available. They feel more natural, which makes them a good option for women with less natural breast tissue; but they require a larger incision. It may be more difficult to realize if this type of implant has ruptured, so it is important to monitor them with annual follow-up visits. Additionally, because this implant contains a more liquid silicone (less cross-linked), if this implant should rupture, it will leak only into the scar capsule formed around the implant but may cause some discomfort or implant distortion.

Anatomic gummy bear implants might be a good choice to give you volume.
These highly-sought-after, anatomic implants offer a look that more closely resembles the natural silhouette of a breast, and, therefore, are a very attractive option for individuals seeking a natural-looking, aesthetic primary breast augmentation. Additionally, these implants are an especially excellent option for patients undergoing restorative or corrective breast surgery because they provide more stability, shape, and reduced incidence of capsular contracture. Compared to other types of silicone gel implants, the silicone in the cohesive gel implant is more cross-linked; therefore, should the implant shell “rupture,” it maintains its shape and silicone does not leak.

During your breast augmentation consultation, you should feel the different types of implants available, and try on various implant sizers in front of a mirror to help you to get an idea of how you will look following the surgery. You should also bring pictures of the look you would like to achieve, as well as a favorite top to wear when trying on implant sizers.

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.
Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative breast surgery.

Best of luck!

Dr. Schwartz

Breast implant size

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Every patient has limitations on the size of implant that fits their body best. If you stay within those limits, you will have a more natural appearance. The important dimensions are your chest width and how far your skin will stretch. The best way to find out about what implant sizes fit your body and breasts best is to have a consultation with an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon.

Bahram Ghaderi, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Can you only go so big with implants?

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Hello, the size of implants that can safely be inserted is limited by the person's body type and breast anatomy.  Based on the photo it appears that you have a significant amount of breast tissue to cover implants, but determining the appropriate size would require a proper assessment.

How big can you go with breast implant

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The answer is yes, there is a limit on the size because your breast can accommodate implants that can go up to certain dimensions. Each implant has standard dimensions: width, height, projection and volume. Your breast on the other hand also has similar dimensions: width, height, distance between the nipple and the crease under the breast,and skin stretchability. These dimensions can be expanded to a certain limit to accommodate larger implants so you can probably go from a size B to DD. One way to avoid having breasts that look like round balls is to use shaped implants instead, which have more of a natural slope on top. The issue with the shaped implants however is that measurements of the implant have to fit precisely  the measurements of your breast and this may limit the volume or size of implant you can have placed. 

The Sky is NOT the Limit when it comes to Breast Implants

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Your question is actually 2 questions in one; Are there size limitations and are there esthetic limitations on using large implants?

The sky is NOT the limit when it comes to breast implants. Implants comes in hundreds of different volumes, sizes, shapes and textures. As a result, you are limited to the biggest implants the two largest producers of implants in the US, MENTOR and ALLERGAN (Natrelle) produce (although you COULD have custom made implants from several much smaller niche manufacturer).
Could a large implant be placed in your breasts? Yes.
Would it look attractive in both the short and long term? Most likely not.

The most attractive breasts are achieved by finding a match and compromise between YOUR chest, your Breast tissues and YOUR particular cosmetic desires NOT by comparing yourself to photoshopped images of other women. A good Plastic surgeon will measure your breasts and in consultation with the result you desire find several implants which could deliver such a look.  If your surgeon has a 3D imaging system like the VECTRA by Canfield, a 3D image will be taken of you and then you can actually SEE how each proposed implant may look IN your breasts before the surgery. This will show you the subtle differences between implants and make your choice much easier. We offer it to our patients and they LOVE it.

Good Luck.
Memphis, TN

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Choosing Implant Size

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Your doctor will work with you to choose the best implant #shape and #implantprofile based on your goals and measurements. In my practice, about 15-20% of the patients are good candidates for silicone #shapedimplants. The profile is determined by the amount of projection versus roundness that the patient desires, as well as the size of the implant and size of her chest. The cc needed per #implant will change with your strap size of your bra (a 34 bra will need less #volume than a 36 bra) because it has a smaller strap size and the cups have a smaller diameter.

Can you only go so big with breast implants? (Photo)

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From your photos, you appear to have enough natural breast tissue to still have a natural appearance after a breast augmentation. The wish appearance is achievable, but an in person exam is needed to determine the appropriately sized implant required to get you there. Good luck!


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Thank you for your question and photos. Yes, there will be a limit to the size/projection of implant your body can safely accommodate. How large and full your implants look will be relative to your size as well- the same volume on two different people could look large or small because of differences in their bodies. Your Plastic Surgeon will measure your breasts carefully and determine the best range of implants for you to help you reach your aesthetic goals while still maintaining a proportionate look.

I recommend that you seek a board certified Plastic Surgeon who is skilled in this area and whos before and after photos appeal to you.

All the ebst

How large can i go?

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Without seeing you in person, it's hard to gauge from a photograph how thick or thin and stretchable your tissues are. There are limitations in size of implants based on the size and width of the breast that you start with. We call this dimensional planning. If you go larger than what will fit, it may stick out on the bottom or sides and look like you have a small breast sitting on top of a larger base. A double bubble.. From the photos that you like, I think you would like a high profile round  silicone gel implant. I recommend you find a plastic surgeon with a Vectra 3-D imager who can show you what you would look like with each implant. Good luck.

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