One Cheek Has Lost Elasticity Suddenly, What Are My Options? (photo)

I am 41 and realize my skin is changing but it seems strange to me that one side of my face is really bad compare to the other. It seemed to have lost elasticity all of a sudden.

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Loss of Facial Skin Elasticity

At your age, you are beginning to see the effects of skin aging. The face is naturally asymmetric and it is not unusual for the fuller side to show the effects of gravity first. You also have significant sun damage which increases the likelihood that the skin will stretch with gravity. The first thing you should do is get on a good skin care regime, such as Obagi, using Retin-A. This will reduce the spots you have and thicken and strengthen the dermis (the skin’s support). As for evening the face, you could try fillers such as Radiesse for now until you have more cheek descent bilaterally, or you could go ahead and correct the problem with a short scar facelift. You will need a more involved facelift the longer you wait, but it is perfectly reasonable to do so.


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Options for cheek inelasticity

Cheek inelasticity is best treated with either a mini lift or a full facelift.  If the cheeks are flat and hypoplastic, a cheek augmentation can also be performed to give more fullness and definition.  Skin laxity is best treated with a mini facelift while flat cheeks are best treated with cheek augmentation.

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One Cheek Has Lost Elasticity Suddenly, What Are My Options?

Both cheeks appear a bit flat and following the proper aesthetics of cheek and facial beauty fillers like Perlane could be injected to achieve soft, naturally beautiful cheeks.  Cheek Implants and a minimal incision Face Lift could provide an increased benefit that's longer lasting.

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